• Experience in introducing key spokespeople to the media and keeping the spokesperson on reporters’ radar
  • CWR has secure, personal relationships with national reporters and publications
  • Small agency with large connections:  Principal Veronica Welch does ALL client work; the account will not be passed to other executives or an administrative team 
  • Ability and time to develop “creative” media programs that work
  • Active, aggressive follow-up on every press release
  • Reputation with the media as a no-flash, all facts PR approach that is appreciated and has proven to be advantageous for clients

Some thoughts from our clients.....

“Cyberlux Corporation began working with CWR Partners in April. We’re a very new client, but the results we’ve seen from the very dynamic, thorough and well connected Partners have been fantastic. Cyberlux has attempted to get media placement for our hurricane lighting product for the past two years. With only a month’s work, CWR has our lighting product in over 30 publications and media outlets. In addition, CWR has successfully placed our Aeon product line in several top Kitchen & Bath industry publications.

In my career, I worked with and hired numerous large agencies in both a corporate capacity (IBM) and a start up company capacity, so I know what it means to pay $10K-$20K in monthly retainers and what results to expect. I am truly impressed with the level of service, responsiveness and capability that I’ve seen with CWR & Partners, in a very short period of time.”

“On behalf of both Dave Micek and myself, I can honestly say that we have found you to be exceptionally responsive, well-connected and capable in your abilities to meet our marketing needs. You have performed excellently for us and we have greatly appreciated your support.”

"We selected CWR because of their vast knowledge of the media and their passion for quality and excellence," said R. Anthony Cort, founder, chairman and CEO of the Martial Arts Channel. "CWR has already started to get national attention for MAC, and we are excited about their hard work and determination."