Kelly Cinelli, Founding Principal

Kelly Cinelli is a founding principal of CWR & Partners. Her experience spans a range of industries, including health care, automotive, financial, non-profit, hospitality, medical, political and consulting. Most recently, Kelly was director of public relations at a national public relations firm where she led a team of communications specialists in creating, managing and implementing campaigns for regional, national and international companies. She specializes in the creation of state-of-the-art programs that differentiate her clients. Her clients describe her as "committed, professional and willing to go the extra mile.'' Her work has garnered national exposure for clients, increased sales and enhanced brand recognition. Kelly has established relationships with national journalists including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and The Boston Globe. In addition, she placed a small investment manager on the top financial show in the country. She has also worked for a Boston-based public relations firm where she was promoted four times in two years. Kelly graduated from St. Michael's College with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Public Relations and a minor in English.

Veronica Welch, Founding Principal

Veronica Welch is a founding principal of CWR & Partners. She has worked with a number of different industries including: health care, investments, biotech, real estate and various regional companies.

Prior to forming CWR & Partners, Veronica worked for national public relations firms where she was responsible for managing clients, creating and implementing campaigns and directing national media relations' efforts. In other work, Veronica played an instrumental role in securing the passage of the FHA Reverse Mortgage Bill in Massachusetts. She conducted an aggressive public relations program to gain greater visibility for FHA Reverse Mortgages, through a number of strategic outreach programs.

Veronica has helped clients by implementing new business communications strategies, which in one case nearly tripled a client's earnings, in one year. She has developed corporate identities, created marketing programs and established new business contracts for her clients. Many of Veronica's clients have been covered in National and regional publications. Veronica graduated from Barry University in Miami, Florida, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and a minor in journalism.